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DaVinci Roofscapes
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  • 08/04/17--08:00: Standing the Test of Time
  • Back in 2013 the condo community of Mai Kai decided it was time to re-roof their 34 units located in Newport Beach, California. After decades of exposure to salt air and sea spray, the real cedar shake shingles had simply failed.

    After an extensive search process, the board for the community selected synthetic shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

    shake roof

    How have the composite shake tiles held up to the constant exposure to coastal area weather conditions? Like champs.

    "The roof has held up very well," says Lorain Petry, president of the HOA for Mai Kai. "We had our rainiest season in years in 2016 and there were no leaks.  It was a huge test and the roof came through with flying colors."

    According to Petry, the aesthetic appeal of the DaVinci shake roof has been applauded by homeowners. "It's been a great addition to the homes in our community," says Petry. "Along with the visual appeal, we appreciate that there haven't been any problems with damaged tile shingles.

    "DaVinci offers a low-maintenance composite roofing system that we would highly recommend. It's an excellent product that is standing the test of time and weather conditions for our area."

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    Shake RoofRecently-imposed tariffs on soft woods transported from Canada to the USA means two key things. First, lesser amounts of wood are crossing the border from Canada to America. Second, the likelihood that the prices of those wood products making it into the USA are rising.

    How does that affect the roofing industry? Think about real cedar shake roofs. Much of that product comes to us from Canada.

    In recent years homeowners have sought alternatives to real wood shingles because of their inherent problems: rotting, curling, splitting, insect infestations and algae growth. Now there's other reasons to look away from real cedar shake roofs --- availability and increasing costs.

    Fortunately DaVinci Roofscapes has an abundant supply of cost-effective synthetic shake roofing tiles. Made of durable polymers, Multi-Width, Single-Width, Bellaforté and Fancy Shake composite roofing from DaVinci resists all the challenges that real cedar roofs experience. Our products will never rot, curl, split or become infested with algae or insects. Plus, they're impact- and moisture-resistant so they're ideal to use in coastal areas. And, if you live in California, you'll be happy to know that our EcoBlend shake tiles meet Title 24 requirements.

    Now, what about the price? There's good news there too.

    While pricing for real cedar shakes is rising, DaVinci Roofscapes announced price reductions in late 2016 on the company's most popular roofing products. Thanks to operational efficiencies, we've reduced prices from 11 to 16 percent on several synthetic shake product lines. These price reductions mean that pricing of Bellaforté Shake tiles now falls below the cost of many real cedar shingles, but with the added benefit of resistance to fire, splitting, curling, mold and algae.

    For aesthetic appeal, long-term low maintenance and ease of availability, you owe it to yourself to research synthetic shake options for your home.

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    Home on the range is tall on style with the feature roof color Mountain. A westward journey of color scaling monstrous mountains, creeks, and streams in the wilderness bring an earthy hue to any rooftop.

    Homes vary by region but DaVinci’s Mountain color clearly fits the timberline build as well as homes in a wide variety of locations and styles. Choosing an exterior color scheme for your home with this rich grayed brown is easy because it goes well with so, so many colors. What makes it difficult is deciding which color scheme you like best for your home from what seems like an infinite number of color combinations.

    When creating an exterior color palette, I use my "top down" approach to help me narrow down the choices. I start by looking at the color of the roof. From there, I follow my FRESH steps to choose each color. To help you find the right color scheme, I have selected five fabulous exterior color palettes for homes with DaVinci Shake in the color Mountain. You can use one of these color schemes exactly or use them to inspire you to create one of your own.



    Northwood Brown

    The home pictured uses the natural elements of wood and stone. A monochromatic scheme using a medium brown mixed with tan, and light cream keep the focus on these natural textures not distract with bold paint.


    shake tile roof

    Tree Moss

    Trouble finding the perfect color? Let nature be your guide and go green. Envision a forest filled with various species of trees some light some dark, but all in a similar color family. This is exactly how light green, a deeper muted green and brown work together. DaVinci Mountain roofing tops it off - literally, with a multi-toned roof tile to compliment these gray greens. Utilizing contrast is still an option by painting or staining a dark brown door color.


    composite slate roofing


    Yellow is a color that gives your home for a sunny and fun personality. Golden yellow and brown are perfect partners. Mountain roof tile on top of the gold tone paint gives a upbeat welcoming tone without drawing away from the natural surroundings. Bright yellow would call too much attention and is best reserved for more tropical settings. The brown, almost purple accent color compliments the main color beautifully. On the front door this color rich in brown from a distance will illuminate with purple undertones up close.


    Shake Roof

    Origami White

    In home design, white often shows classic and timeless style. Homeowners seem to either love or hate white. For those who love white, its best to go with a contrasting door color. Painting the door darker than the deepest color of the Mountain color on the roof is a great way to add contrast and depth to the home.


    shake roof tile

    Glazed Pear

    Many historic properties contain a similar color palette due to naturally occurring colors. A muted color can sometimes be more powerful in framing a property or landscape. The cream exterior color is simple when paired with off-white trim. The pale brown accent can detail windows. Dark brown would cover the door while coordinating tones with the Mountain roof.

    See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Shake roof in Mountain or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.



    **The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.

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    When Anthony Walsh gets involved in a re-roofing project, he wants it done right. His company, Durashield, prides itself on ensuring the peace of mind of each customer by providing unparalleled customer service.

    As specialists in general contracting and restoration, Durashield gets involved with many exterior restoration projects, including some unique roofing challenges. For the past several years, Walsh and his team have relied on DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing products as the solution to those challenges.

    "DaVinci offers an awesome product that's a great alternative to real cedar shake," says Walsh. "We consult with homeowners about the age and condition of their current roofs to determine if we're dealing with a repair or replacement project. When the decision is made to replace the roof, we recommend DaVinci without hesitation.

    "This is a product that is impact- and fire- resistant, needs no long-term maintenance and has a great product warranty. It's the last roof you'll ever put on your house. I would absolutely put a DaVinci roof on my home."

    Walsh and his team have installed almost a dozen Bellaforté Shake roofs in the past few years in the Chicagoland area. They've done extreme makeover roofs and also large residential projects with custom copper accents.

    "People often come to us after a storm has severely damaged their roof," says Walsh. "That's when we really step up. We work with them through the claim process and provide them with strong options that will put a better roof on their home than they had before. Oftentimes a DaVinci roof is our top recommendation. It's worth every penny for the security and peace of mind it brings to a homeowner."

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    Have you tried out DaVinci's new Top Down ColorTM visualizer yet? 


    This free online tool makes it easy to see what your home could look like with a new roof, different colored siding or even changes to the trim and doors!


    "This tool showcases how the vast array of colorful DaVinci synthetic shake and slate roofs work with color schemes and textures," says Wendy Bruch, marketing manager with DaVinci Roofscapes. "Whether a person is uploading a picture of his or her own home to see how a new exterior color combination will look, or if they're using one of our pre-loaded home styles, they'll be able to quickly distinguish how color from the 'top down' on a house can add tremendously to a home's curb appeal."


    According to Kate Smith with Sensational Color, the tool serves as a valuable resource to anyone in the building industry.


    "Imagine being an architect and having the ability to share color palettes for home exteriors with clients in just a few clicks of the mouse," says Smith. "Or think about how a homeowner can decide on changes to the elements of their home exterior and then be able to share those changes immediately online with their contractor. Whether making one modification to a home exterior or embracing a full remodel, this tool is a lifesaver!"


    Created by DaVinci Roofscapes to showcase different "top down" color options on home exteriors, the free visualizer can be found at Images can be saved to an online account, posted on Facebook or Pinterest or easily shared in a tweet.


    "It's actually quite fun to dream a bit using this online tool," says Smith. "If you've ever wondered what your home would look like with a new slate roof, different colored or textured siding, or perhaps a bright new front door, this is the way to do it!


    "Upgrading the curb appeal of your home can make it more valuable to potential buyers or just more personalized for your own tastes. This tool provides a 'no risk' way of seeing how changes to the front of your home can make your exterior either stand out from or blend in with other homes in your area."

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    Nestled against natural gardens and custom landscaping sits the stunning Tudor-style home belonging to Lou and Lindsey Mannarino. The New Jersey couple enjoy their house, which includes a southwest-style room with an authentic Spanish-style fireplace on the inside and a custom in-ground pool on the outside. It also includes a new DaVinci Roofscapes roof overhead.

    "We were looking for a roof to complement the style of our home and the DaVinci Slate roof met all our requirements," says Lou Mannarino. "This roof resists insects, fire and impact, plus it's low maintenance. Exactly what we were looking for in a roof to help protect our family while enhancing the style of our home."

    slate roof

    The appealing exterior of the Mannarino's 8,500-square-foot home includes real stucco, cedar plank and brick. Now topped with composite slate roofing and snow guards, the home has a cohesive, complete look to it.

    "We love the look of this roof and how it so closely resembles an authentic slate roof," says Mannarino. "All of our friends and family think it's a real slate roof! This DaVinci roof truly complements the overall look of our home."

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    A roof is typically not a focal point of a home, but with DaVinci European roof tiles, it may steal the show. European slate style roof offers multiple shades of colors rooted in black and gray, accented with deep reddish-purple tones. These make choosing a main exterior color simple.

    But even when you are starting with a gorgeous roof it is still a big decision to choose the exact color scheme for your home exterior. Have no fear. I'm here to help you. Rather than start with hundreds of potential colors and unlimited color combinations. I've put together five of my favorite combinations based on the many hundreds of homeowners I have helped by using my "top down" approach for selecting exterior colors.

    You can use one of these schemes exactly or it can be the inspiration for creating your own perfect scheme.

    Simple White

    White is an age-old color known for its simple nature in home design. Black shutters are the perfect accent to anchor the home. The varied tones in the European roof tiles add interest to a white home without taking away from the classic appeal.


    Functional Gray

    When in doubt, turn to warm gray. This color is a safe, neutral tone that delivers every time. The monochromatic paint on the home allows for excitement using a bold gray and dark red accent color. These tones are repeated in the European roof tiles giveing the home a cohesive look and unending curb appeal.



    The color yellow embodies happiness and is reminiscent of sunny days. A soft creamy yellow with tan trim sits brightly under a slate roof. The door color is perfectly agreeable with the homes’ main color using a soft gray with lavender undertones.


    Cameo White

    The beauty of the European color is that it adds dimension to a homes exterior no matter what shape or size the roof. The blend of black, grays and red tones allow for similar accent colors. This paint palette combines an off-white color for the main color with gray accents. Add flair with a toned down maroon front door for a twist on a traditional white home.


    In home design, the color black is making a comeback. Homeowners, once timid to use such a dramatic color, are now braving the tone on all sorts of homes. The minimalistic color is an easy choice when DaVinci European toned tiles line the roof. Several shades of gray and deep reddish-purple shine through the European tile. The deep hue on the homes’ exterior creates an amplified focus on all surrounding architecture.


    See what your home would look like with a DaVinci roof in Slate Black or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.


    **The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.

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    Time and weather had taken their toll on George and Christine Rossie's real cedar shake roof. After 25 years and several hail storms, they decided to replace it in 2015.

    "I think Colorado is the hail capital of the country," says Dr. George Rossie. "The roof was ready to be replaced after some significant hail damage in 2014 ... and we were ready for a worry-free change.

    "We're very happy with the quality of this composite shake product, and especially glad to move from a high fire-risk real wood shake roof to one that is both fire- and hail-resistant. As another advantage, once the new DaVinci roof was installed we switched insurance companies and got a significant discount in our homeowner rates for having this new, highly-rated roof."

    The team at Advanced Exteriors recommended an impact- and fire-resistant Bellaforté Shake roof in an Autumn Blend from DaVinci Roofscapes to provide the Rossies with peace-of-mind.

    The couple's 1930s Tudor-style Denver home has multiple levels, additions and slopes. Some areas are extremely steep while other parts are flat. "Advanced Exteriors handled our roof challenges extremely well," says Rossie. "We love the way this roof turned out. We've received lots of compliments from neighbors and friends and we'd have no problem recommending this synthetic shake roof or Advanced Exteriors to anyone!"

    shake roof shake tile roof



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    To commemorate National Curb Appeal Month in August, DaVinci Roofscapes has compiled a list of five top curb appeal resources for you.

    "Summertime is the perfect point in the year to make improvements to your home exterior," says Michael Cobb, vice president of sales and marketing at DaVinci Roofscapes. "The first step is to carefully look at your home from the 'top down' to see what can be done to enhance its appearance and overall value."

    Cobb reminds homeowners that the roof can sometimes offer as much as 40 percent of the visibility on a home exterior. "Take a fast look at your home and you'll most likely see that the roof plays the largest part of your curb appeal view," says Cobb. "If your roof is in poor shape --- if it's missing tiles or has curling shingles --- that makes a negative impact on the overall curb appeal of your home.

    composite roof

    "A new roof, with colors that complement your entire home exterior, can make a positive impact on your home's curb appeal and value. Just imagine a new, low-maintenance composite slate roof on your home with a blend of different shades of gray that sets off the rest of your home. It's a stunning way to add more color and style to a home."

     If it's time to consider a new roof for your home, Cobb and our experts at DaVinci Roofscapes recommend these five free resources to get educated on re-roofing options that can increase the curb appeal of your house:

    • Upgrade Your Roofing from This Old House - easy-to-understand online tutorial of the structure of the roof, options for roofing tiles and environmental considerations. 
    • Top Down ColorTMVisualizer- online tool allows you to upload pictures of your home exterior or use images of 10 supplied home styles. Tool lets you quickly make and see changes to roofing materials and colors, along with adjustments to the home's siding, accessories, doors and windows trim. 
    • FRESH Home Exteriors Color Guide - online guidebook featuring "5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home." Learn the importance of fixed features, regional colors, the environment, style of the home and "have-to-use" colors when considering the overall curb appeal of your home. 
    • FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior - online booklet shows step-by-step process for selecting the best exterior color combinations for your home. Tips on adding coordinated color selections for a variety of home styles, including Colonial, Ranch, Bungalow, Victorian, Spanish Mission, European and New American. 
    • Tips for Selecting Roofing Productsfrom Allen Lyle with Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford - overview and tips on selecting roofing materials includes review of features and benefits of composite roofing. 


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    If you're scratching your head trying to make a decision on composite slate versus synthetic shake roofing, we can help. More specifically, Katie Thoele, our Eastern Project Specialist, can help.

    On the DaVinci team since 2006, Katie's helped hundreds of people decide on the DaVinci product best suited for their homes. Here are some of her tips. See if any of them "ring true" to your upcoming roof renovation project.

    • Tip #1 - For a Colonial style home, focus on Bellaforté Slate. The simplicity of the home's style works well with the clean, straight symmetrical lines of this synthetic slate product.
    • Tip #2 - Don't be afraid to make a switch. If you have a shake type roof, consider modernizing your home exterior with a simulated slate roof. If you have heavy real slate on your home, a composite shake roof can completely change the look of the home exterior.
    • Tip #3 - If you have something like a Cape Cod style home, choose Single-Width Shake. Usually characterized by real cedar shake roofs (and even siding) the imitation shake product holds up longer and stronger than real cedar. And yes, it can be used for siding too!
    • Tip #4 - Save money with Bellaforté products. You get all the same details as with our other products (for example, Class A fire rating and Class 4 impact rating) but with a more economically-priced roofing tile.
    • Tip #5 - Get peace-of-mind when investing in a DaVinci roof. The synthetic roofing product performs exceptionally well in unique weather conditions, such as hail and high winds. And the Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty means this is the last roof you'll ever have to purchase.

    composite shake roofslate roof

    "Whether you're looking for a single- or multiple-width profile, or a straight or staggered course, DaVinci has the options to fit your project and your budget," says Theole. "The common denominator is that every one of our product lines are made to last, to withstand storms and to hold their beauty for decades to come.

    "The other common factor is that all of us in customer service are here to help. Whether a homeowner has a color question or a performance question, you can count on us for speedy assistance."

    Contact Katie and the DaVinci customer service team at 800-328-4624.

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    A classically tailored roof brings a well-styled feel to the entire home. From the coast to the farm, the versatile nature of the Autumn shade is clearly an alluring benefit.

    Autumn is one of my favorite times of years and DaVinci's Autumn cedar shake alternative is also one of my favorite color blends. It works well with many colors and the variations of hues of Autumn blend perfectly with the natural environment.

    When creating an exterior color palette, I follow my FRESH steps to choose each color. I have selected five fabulous exterior color palettes for homes that look great with DaVinci Shake in the color Autumn. Use one of these color schemes exactly as show or let one or more of them inspire you to create an color palette of your own.

    Colonial Revival Tan

    A rich warm gold, paired with Autumn roof can only bring back the spicy scent of fall and pumpkin spice. The trim and accent color follow along with rich red and an off-white trim.


    Egyptian Pyramid

    A home deep in the forest is barely visible when a monochromatic mix of brown hues coat the exterior. If one color was called upon to wake up the brown, it would be fresh blue. Nature is our guide and a blue door would be the perfect compliment for an outdoor setting.


    Navajo White

    A muted white paint color coats the home exterior while the white trim liven up the smaller details of the home. The brown and deep teal blue are a different, but welcome color option that stay in line with the Autumnal tones.



    For all non-risk takers the main exterior color Sourdough is the safest option when it comes to pairing with Autumn roof tile. The trim and accents get a bit more daring using dark green, brown and red.


    Wedgewood Gray

    Autumn roof tile can go bold with a soft blue reminiscent of a coastal home. The main color is blue paired with a dark blue trim and complimentary color orange produce an unexpected design masterpiece. The orange also ties the roof tile back into the main color nicely.


    Do more than just dream, visualize. See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Shake roof in Autumn or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.

    See more expertly-chosen color schemes:

    • Exterior color schemes that are tall on style featuring Mountain shake.
    • Steal the show with an exterior color schemes for a home with European slate.
    • See exterior color schemes befitting one of the top colors for a roof - Slate Gray.


    **The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.

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    By Gillian Lazanik, Houzz

    There’s no need to buy a new house or take on an extensive remodel to get the curb appeal you want. There are many ways to approach your exterior to give it a serious update without a serious overhaul. These are my 10 favorite tips for you to boost your house’s first impression.

    LDa Architecture & Interiors, original photo on Houzz

    1. Stairs. If you update the stairs leading up to your front door, it’s amazing how much of a statement you can make. To beef up the entrance without building a whole new porch, consider a tiered stair design like this one in Boston to give your entrance more presence.

    Door paint color: Egg Yolk, Martha Stewart 

    AMEK Custom Builders, original photo on Houzz

    2. Railings. A new railing at the front of your house can really transform its look. Choose a style that reflects your taste. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the style of your house, as eclectic-style homes are the norm these days. Besides, none of us is truly 100 percent one type of style. 

    Lubowicki Architecture, original photo on Houzz

    3. Overhangs. By adding a stylish overhang above your front door, not only are you adding something functional to shield you from the sun and rain, you are adding character to the front of your house. Get creative with your overhang and incorporate some architectural screens like this home in Denver.

    4. Materials. Covering your house in a new veneer and siding can breathe fresh life into your exterior. You can layer on brick or stone veneer to bring substance to the front of your home. Also, consider the underside of your overhang — adding tongue and groove cedar can raise your front porch to a new level. 

    Contemporary Exterior, original photo on Houzz

    5. Pathways. You don’t need to spend a fortune on all new landscaping. Start with an interesting walkway to your house and slowly work on the surrounding landscape to get it to where you want it to be.

    6. Soft and hard landscaping. If you want to take on a bigger project, adding soft and hard landscaping is one of the most effective ways to transform the front of your home. It’s best if you work with a landscape designer to come up with a cohesive plan for your walkway, stairs, plants and flowers. This takes some planning and it can be costly, but it’s satisfying to witness the transformation. 

    Tim Barber Ltd Architecture, original photo on Houzz

    7. Paint. A simple paint job for the front of your home can work wonders. There are a lot of computer programs that let you see the exterior of your house in various color combinations. Find the combo you love most and go for it. If you grow tired of it, you can always change it.

    Related: Hire a Local Painter To Do the Job

    8. House numbers. Adding new house numbers is a simple way to make an instant impact on the exterior of your home. Besides just picking out new numbers, consider where they will work and look the best. It might be a different location than your current house numbers. 

    Lincoln Barbour Photo, original photo on Houzz

    9. Front doors. If your budget lets you update just one thing at a time, you may want to start with your front door. Consider choosing something that lets light into the interior of your house. That serves dual purposes, by changing the feel of the outside of your home and altering the inside too.

    10. Lighting. It’s amazing how much lighting can transform a space, even on the outside. Consider wall sconces, overhead lighting and path lights for maximum impact.

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    You saw it here first! This is a sneak peek at the show home that will be profiled in the Holiday Southern Home magazine!

    While most people will have to wait for the magazine to be issued in October, we're able to offer you this "first look" because DaVinci Roofscapes contributed the composite roof tiles for the remodeling project.

    In the works for more than a year, the home sports a Bellaforté Slate tile roof in Smokey Gray VariBlend. Embraced by flowing gardens, the English country style house draws envious glances from everyone in the neighborhood.


    "We couldn't imagine a better, more authentic-looking roof than the Bellaforté Slate," says Phyllis Hoffman DePiano, chairman of the board/CEO of Hoffman media. "We're so pleased with how the entire home turned out that after profiling it in-depth in our Holiday Southern Home magazine we have plans for featuring it in our Cottage Journal, Southern Lady and Victoria magazines. We want everyone to see how perfectly the home turned out and how the DaVinci product fits so naturally with the stone exterior."

    The Alabama house has a breathtaking view of the mountains, which sets the background for outdoor cooking and dining. Internationally-recognized master designer Jeffrey Dungan is the architect for the project. Dungan set out to create a new energy efficient home that has the look of a home hundreds of years old.

    "Jeffrey truly put his mark on this home," says DePiano. "He specified a synthetic slate for the roof and then we picked up the ball and selected DaVinci. The composite slate product definitely brings charm and efficiency to this house. Just strolling through the stone-walled garden or wandering up the path, you glance back at the house and would swear there's natural slate roofing overhead."

    0 0

    Slate Black is a timeless roofing color applied to every style of construction from ultra modern to traditional homes. The look of stone extracted from the earth centuries ago, has continued to be a popular choice. Its exterior color versatility is a major advantage in home design.

    For your Slate Black roof you can follow my "top down" approach, to give your home a FRESH Color Scheme. To give you a few ideas for your home, I have selected five favorite exterior color palettes to inspire you to create one of your own or your can use one of the schemes I have created.


    DaVinci Slate Black paired with creamy beige exterior paint provides a powerfully bold contrast. The tan painted trim creates depth. A fiery accent to a neutral palette, Red, gives an unexpected highlight to intricate windows and door paneling. The mixture of these three tones, produce unique and impactful curb appeal.

    Slate Black Roof Color Scheme



    Some say gray has become the new beige. It is a simply sleek color option that leaves room for more vibrant colors. Gray acts as a blank canvas. In this color combination, black and red inject personality into the home. This use of color could mimic a downtown townhouse with a brick & pavement metropolitan vibe.

    Slate Black Roof Color Scheme


    Banana Cream

    When done right, yellow is a color that can add instant appeal to a home but care must be taken to pick a shade that is not too bright or so light that it reads cream instead of yellow. A light golden yellow and creamy white trim say that someone happy lives inside. Classic choices for the front door are black or red. You can go with a true red or tone it down and go toward red-orange as shown. 

    Slate Black Roof Color Scheme


    Deep Sea Dive

    This teal color scheme features a bold main color surrounded by white trim, with a touch of red. Blue-green and red-orange are opposite to one another on the color wheel. This indicates complimentary colors, thus a perfect pair. A lighter roof would seem unfinished, but the Black Slate roof completes the adventurous color choice.

    Slate Black Roof Color Scheme



    The house below offers a mixed materials approach. Stonework accompanied by beige siding produces a monochromatic tone. Golden undertones harmonize with the stone for a unified look. To enhance the stone texture, use a dark golden undertone. This will accent the stone texture. The trim with black shutters creates a uniform look with the Slate Black roof.

    Slate Black Roof Color Scheme


    Will the boldness of the black roof tiles last? DaVinci’s 49 standard colors are composed from a polymer that has been a game-changer for the industry, standing the test of time. For added piece of mind, all DaVinci products come equipped with a worry-free 50 year limited warranty.

    See what your home would look like with a DaVinci Shake roof in Slate Black or one of 49 nature-inspired colors using the Top Down Color™ Visualizer.

    See more expertly-chosen color schemes:

    • Exterior color schemes that are tall on style featuring Mountain shake.
    • Steal the show with exterior color schemes for a home with European slate.
    • See exterior color schemes benefitting one of the top color for a roof - Slate Gray.
    • Check out the versatile nature of Autumn shake.


    **The paint colors used in this article are from Behr, Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin-Williams. To find out more about any color shown, search online using the color name and number.



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     By June Scott, Houzz

    Eclecticism in designing a garden is trickier than it seems. Combine several styles or elements together, and the risk of nothing standing out is great — as is the risk for, well, a cacophonous mess.

    But what if your house is one style, and your garden another? As a designer, I’m sometimes asked by clients to help them create a personalized Eden that may not reflect the architectural style of their home. To do that I establish links rooted in the principles of design that tie the two together. Here are some ideas.

     Austin Outdoor Design, original photo on Houzz

    A graphic mix. Let’s start with one of the most challenging combinations: blending a traditional home with a contemporary landscape. One way to successfully marry the two is to play up the graphic qualities of each element. Note how the fence pattern, tree, hardscape and house each feature strong lines. Because everything is pared down, the eye can pick out the graphic qualities of the various elements.

    Related: Colorful Outdoor Chairs for the Porch


    DHD Architecture and Interior Design, original photo on Houzz

    Texture. Texture is an often-underconsidered element that can help tie together a design. The earthy blend of Mediterranean and modern styles in both the architecture and landscape here relies on links between textures. The stone facade and gravel relate to each other and to the broader landscape while providing contrast to the smooth walls.


    BiLDEN, original photo on Houzz

    Color. Two styles of architecture on one lot? Try keeping the planting simple and bold. Monochromatic plants, including yellow kangaroo paws and Coleonema‘Sunset Gold’, hold this outdoor space together and stand up to the eclectic architecture.

    Related: Paint the Exterior Chartreuse to Match These Plants


    Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture, original photo on Houzz

    Mass planting. Simple planes or masses of plants can help bring balance and unity to homes with more than one architectural style.


    Feldman Architecture Inc, original photo on Houzz

    Proportion. Often we need to take cues from the proportions of our home’s architecture to create a harmonious landscape. This can be a subtle but effective way to tie two disparate styles together. The proportions of the slender Victorian windows on this home are echoed in the walkway and planting beds.


    Rich Mathers Construction Inc, original photo on Houzz

    Historically related. Try mixing styles that have some similarities. For instance, elements from Greek, Roman, French and formal styles can work well together; the same goes for Spanish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern styles. Simple Asian-style gardens tend to work well with contemporary architecture.

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